Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wild Ombrés Préférence

Wel Hello Wild Ombrés

I'm feeling kinda stressy the last times, so I decided to bring some change into my first to bringing some colours into it.

I always colour my extension in dark brown or maybe black but this time since I want to start all over again en feel changed I went for "Ombrè" witch is a real challenge for me caus I've never done this before :O

So I used the L'OREAL Wil Ombrés Préférence and guys this product is amazing. It was my first time using it and I was like "Halllllleeeellluuuaah" I love love this and really recommend it. If you want to ombré your hair  I assure you this is the right product to use.

I went from lighter on the ends  to a little bit darker witch I think the result is just the way I wanted.

So I hope you like this review and stay tuned for more


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    1. Ooh you was my first time and I loved the result :)



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