Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Autumn Wishlist 2012!!!

Bye bye summer and Welcome "Autumn.
Summer is over, back to the rain, raincoats an of course umbrellas.
I can't say "I hate Atumn", besides I like it. Becaus I feel like it's the only season I can mix n match (like boots with a dress ) my clothes. Can I tell u a secret? Sssht don't tell anyone!!!
I actually missed my boots the whole summer, I even bought a few instead of buying sandals...hihi =)
Anyway I already started my Autumn Wishlist for this year and my favorite disigner for this season will be "Isabel Marant". I love love her sneakers design, I am thinking about ordering some of her sneakers but I have to admit they are quit expensive. That's the reason I'll be surfing around untill I'll find somewhere I can buy them cheaper...I will keep you guys in touch.
Here are some  few thing I really wish to have in my closet!!!
This is a Rick Owens jacket €2.875 (£2.299)

I also put some pictures of how I thinking about to wear it.
So, here are the sneakers I reallllllly wanna have.
This is a part of the things I want for this season, there will be coming a lot more.