Monday, August 26, 2013

Buble Gum Yummmiii!!!





Hello there

Ooh gosh my life is such a mess at the moment that I even forget to make a review about these  amazing lipsticks I recently bought and reallyyyy love. These are the "Miss Sporty" lipsticks and guys I AM OBSESSED with them. The first time I applied It, I was not really satisfied becaus I found the coulours a little bit to bright for my skin tone...but after a few time using it I felt in love.
It's so moisturizing and what I love the most "They smell amazing, like strawberry" it's so yummiii sometimes it makes me want to eat them heheh 

Just a quick review for my lovely followers, hope you like it :)
You can find them here

Friday, August 23, 2013

Keep It Clean

Hey there and welcome once again.

Organizers are very important, not only becaus they help us to keep our make up and juwelry organized , but they also make a nice decoration in our room.So I was looking for a nice cheap acrylic organizer where I could keep my lipsticks and more other things and I finally found this one on "ebay" for only 20$  both which it cost €14 :)

What I like about it is that it gives me a nice view of the lipsticks I use the most. Now I know wear to find my make up without spending to mutch time looking for it. I the drawers I like to keep my every day make up products like my bronzer, lipglosses, blush,...(this helps me alot in the morning)

I bought the hart shaped organizer in a decoration store here in Belgium for only €1,99 each (I don't think it's an international store :-/) but anyway I love it so mutch, it really helps me to keep everything organized.

These are my favs for the moment.
you can find it here

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hhmm what's on my Zara wishlist?

Afbeelding 1 van LEDEREN SANDAAL van Zara€49,95 Afbeelding 4 van LEREN SCHOEN MET ENKELSLUITING van Zara€69,95 Afbeelding 1 van HOGE SANDAAL van Zara€49,95Afbeelding 1 van PLATTE LAARS TRF van Zara€49,95

Afbeelding 1 van SANDAAL MET FIJNE BANDJES van Zara€69,95

Afbeelding 5 van GESTREEPTE TOP van Zara€39,95 Afbeelding 7 van VELOURS BROEK van Zara€29,99
Afbeelding 1 van SCHOUDERTAS MET RITSEN van Zara€49,95

I've started to add things on my september wishlish already. I know made a promise not to shop for a while because I bought way to mutch things during sales...but hey a girl can't never get enough of shopping!!! So today I just went to take a peek on Zara website and OOoh my gosh I felt in love with bunch of things. But I kept it cool and only chose things that I really want and will be using.

So this are my Zara favs for the moment, I hope you like and let me know what you think about it? Get them or not? :-p

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Black On Black

Hello and welcome back.

Today this girl was in the mood of making herself up en feel beautiful, and I offered myself to make sure of that. And the result? well se looks gorgeous. Me personal I'm not really a big fan of black dresses (I own a few but don"t wear them often) but this dress looked so good on her.

Just in case you wondering, I did basically everything: the make-up the hair and chose for her an oufit.
What I love the most about this look is the make-up...I was just playing with some purple, blue  and a little bit of gold on the in corner of the eye and the result was amazing and abou the lips? just kept it nude :)

So I hope you like this look let me know what you thought about it and see you on the next one :)

Dress: Zara
Shoes: Zara
Belt: Zara
Clutch: Sacha
Necklace: can't remember (sorry)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lipsticks Haul (Kate Moss for Rimmel)

ooh ooh I hope you all are doing well and having a nice sunday.

So recently I'm having a huge obsession on lipsticks and lipglosses, don't aks me why cause I don't even know why I'm having it right now. This are the lipsticks a recently bought from (great service).

I love the colours especially the nude ones.

I wish you a all a nice Sunday :)

from left to right:
nr 03,19,16,22

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wild Ombrés Préférence

Wel Hello Wild Ombrés

I'm feeling kinda stressy the last times, so I decided to bring some change into my first to bringing some colours into it.

I always colour my extension in dark brown or maybe black but this time since I want to start all over again en feel changed I went for "Ombrè" witch is a real challenge for me caus I've never done this before :O

So I used the L'OREAL Wil Ombrés Préférence and guys this product is amazing. It was my first time using it and I was like "Halllllleeeellluuuaah" I love love this and really recommend it. If you want to ombré your hair  I assure you this is the right product to use.

I went from lighter on the ends  to a little bit darker witch I think the result is just the way I wanted.

So I hope you like this review and stay tuned for more