Sunday, August 11, 2013

Celebrate this special day

Welcome back girls

So I know it has been a while since I've posted somthing new on my blog, it's becaus I have been so bussy with school, working and more other stuffs. But today since we are going out today to celebrate my mom's 48th birthday I have decided to take some pics with my family and their outfits.

So I hope you enjoy it and stay tune for more outfits

First outfits: So for me I wanted to keep my outfit  simpel with a black jeans that I love so mutch...I wear it with my black and white blouse from zara  but since it was a little bit chilly outside and rainy I wore my faux fur coat that I bought 2 years ago. Ooh and my bag and high heel is from Zara too :)

My sister kept it kinda casual with her striped sweater from zara  but to pump it little more she wore it with her sandal high heel from zara too witch I think it went pretty wel with the rest of the outfit.

I don't have mutch to say about this outfit. She looks gorgeous in this oufit. Since she is someone who likes to keep everything so classy she decided to wear a with blouse with a black blazer on...a blue jeans witch I think it went pretty wel too with the black blazer... and a pointed black high heel. To finish up her outfit she rapped a scarf on her head and pimp it up with a "Casio" watch and "Yves Saint Lauren" bag.
Everything she whore is from "Zara"

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